Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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The agency I work for staffs a 3-3-4 schedule. "A" squad works Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. "B" squad works Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The fourth day is the Wednesday for both squads. They work noon to midnight and midnight to noon. The times avoid the rush hours to and from work. This came about because the Air Quality Management District wants everyone to minimize commutes.

Officers get out of the swing of things when they are off for four days in a week. If they have to work overtime it is an 18 hour day. Imagine having a pursuit, traffic collision, or shooting 17 or 18 hours into a shift and trying to testify in court about how awake and alert you were. Officers have to go to court at 8 am then go to work at noon until midnight. Makes for a 16 hour day, plus commute time.

Everyone likes the three or four days off a week, but they forget that they have to go to court on their days off, or training, or special details and so they really don't get that much time off. In my opinion, 12 hour shifts sacrifice officer and public safety and are not really a good idea; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

A 12 hour shift would be OK "IF" those last FOUR hours were NOT spent "on the beat"...
8 hrs max is the limit..or should be.
I recall back in Philly, a long time ago, they used to do a:
"3 on - 2 off" gig.
That basically gave officers a FIVE day work week every seven days.
Something similar used to be in place for the FD as well.
Used to have a lot more "fresh" boots on the ground in those days...or so it seemed.

Stay safe.

Bunkermeister said...

A ten hour shift is okay, four tens. But you still gotta watch the OT.