Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gun, Bomb & Fire

California mall ablaze after man sets fire, barricades self in store - CNN

A man goes into a shopping mall. He has a handgun, claims to have a bomb, barricades himself inside a store and sets fire to the mall. He endangers many people, and causes probably millions of dollars of damage to the mall, and puts many mall workers out of work and most likely some businesses too.

Due to the bomb, police were reluctant to confront the suspect and would not let the fire department fight the fires until the suspect was in custody. The War on Radical Islamic Terrorists and the violent mentally disturbed people we face today often bring new combinations of criminal activity. An arsonist with a gun and bomb are a rather unique combination, but we need to rapidly adapt to odd and dangerous situations.

In order to make a determination on how to react, think about or basic assumptions as police. Protect and serve the public; their lives and their property. An arsonist, with a gun and bomb needs to be stopped right away. He is threatening both lives and property. The suspect needs to be neutralized as quickly as possible. A rapid assault by a SWAT team or a trained team of officers with patrol rifles supported by a sniper if possible. Letting the property burn allows one man to do disproportionate damage. The bomb threat needs to be called, he can set it off anytime, so you have to stop worrying about it. The gun can be waited out if the suspect is alone and barricaded. The arson has to be stopped. The firemen can't work until it is safe for them to move it. It's our job to make that happen; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

Excellent evaluation...take the perp out seems the lesser of three "evils"...

Stay safe.

Bunkermeister said...

Sometimes you have to pick the least bad option.