Saturday, October 9, 2010


Deputies: Man denies drugs found in buttocks are his

Deputies arrest a man and he says the drugs that they found in his buttocks are not his drugs. This is an excellent example that suspects will say anything, no matter how obvious a lie to avoid arrest, or prosecution. When you are talking to suspects it is important to ask them questions and listen to what they respond. It is also important to observe them and place what they say in proper context.

Obviously, a suspect with drugs in his buttocks is in legal possession of those drugs, no matter what he says. A suspect who says there is no drugs in his car or that he has no weapons on him may very well be lying. As President Reagan used to say, "Trust, but verify." Ask about drugs and weapons, but search anyway, and expect to find something.

When suspects lie, they often give way the truth. They will look at the place where they have hidden the drugs, or they will sometimes avoid looking at the place where they have hidden the drugs. They sometimes won't look at you when they lie, or they will tell the story more than one way, because they can't remember the lies. Suspects lie, that's the truth; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

MY wife )a teacher) has much the same problem when dealing with people (students).
I'm one of those people that will give the benefit of the doubt UNTIL someone makes a mistake.

And no matter how "small" a falsehood might be, it totally trashes that person's CREDIBILITY when they open their mouth and anything but the truth comes out.
Then, all bets are off.

Sadly, there ARE some people out there that "think" others will believe anything, and that the date on our birth certificate is YESTERDAY'S.

Sorry, that was never in my "rule book".

Good call.

Roll safe.

suz said...

I call it the "lie reflex," and it starts young. I'm not even talking about the considered lie, but the knee-jerk reaction to deny deny deny, until you can come up with a way to cover yourself or shift blame. I see it on the BOOKMOBILE, with children 5 and 6 years old! Without parents or teachers around to "protect" them, ask about a book they didn't return - "Yes I did" or "I never had that." We don't even charge fines, there are NO consequences for small mistakes, but they can't stand the idea that they might be wrong, so the first thing to pop into their heads is a lie. Of course their parents do exactly the same thing at the library, so we all know where they learn it. I understand the desire to not get in trouble, but when I see stories like this, I wonder if these folks honestly think ANYONE believes them. What went through Mr. Buttcrack's head when he said that? "Hmm...maybe the cop will say,'OK, well, in that case, you're free to go. Have a nice day.' Heck yeah! It's worth a shot!" I do not envy you having to work with people who's lies can cost you your life.

Oh, and Bob, my dad was a cop and my mom was a former psych nurse. I'll bet your kids don't get away with much either!

MARIO said...

Hi SGT. In this video the thief lies:
Bye partner.

Bob G. said...

We don't have any kids (that I know of) but I can say that our TWO CATS don't get cut any slack