Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Fee For Service

Many agencies are now requiring people to subscribe to their emergency services or they either have to pay a large sum of money to receive services or they don't get services at all. This to me, is reprehensible. Police work and firefighting are callings, not jobs.

People should be cops and firemen because they want to help people, society, fight crime or fight fires. City's and counties need to provide police and fire services to the people who are within their borders without regard to their ability to pay. Emergency services should not be for the rich, or those who happen to plan ahead and pay their bill.

Police and fire unions should band together to stop this practice. If libraries, schools and hospitals have to close, police and fire services need to be funded. They are the basic responsibility of government to keep people safe. There is no point in having a library if you can't feel safe going there, that's what the SGT Says.


suz said...

I agree. These citizens have the option to pay a $75 annual fee for fire protection. Why is fire protection not covered by their property taxes. Do they not want to pay higher taxes? Do the taxpayers in town not want to share the financial burden? Everyone should have fire protection and everyone should be required to pay the taxes that support it. It shouldn't be optional, as some people choose the wrong option, (then complain when they don't get what they won't pay for,) and some people simply can't afford it. Golly! Am I a socialist?

Bob G. said...

That is a fantasic explanation of a MUCH-overlooked aspect to public safety!

I believe (and I could be wrong, but I don't think so) that many cities forego public SAFETY for public "assistance", in the form of entitlements.

If the citizens are TRULY entitled to ANYTHING from ANY's PUBLIC SAFETY...first AND foremost!

Everything else can fight for second place.

But that's just *my* opinion.

Stay safe out there.

And Suz, you're not a socialist...just a REALIST.
(as am I)

Bunkermeister said...

I suspect there is not a single government entity in the USA that does not take in enough money to provide quality police and fire protection for all their citizens. The politicians who write the budgets need to prioritize and make public safety the number one issue.

Bunkermeister said...

There is no point in subsidizing rent if the renter is murdered in their home or if the building burns down.

ccm2361 said...

I would point out an under-reported segment of this case.

These people live in a remote area that had NO fire protection. The Fire Department being vilified in the media offered to extend coverage to these folks-if they were willing to pay the $75 insurance. the citizens vote don it & accepted the deal. As hard as it is to see folks lose there house-these people decided to roll the dice & it cost them.
if the Fire department made an exception for them then they would have to that do for everyone.

Bunkermeister said...

If people pay any taxes they should go to police and fire protection. These are basic services. I argee in this instance they were foolish not to pay the $75 but I could not stand by and let a neighbors house burn down, even if they owed me money.