Sunday, February 27, 2011


In California there has been a growing movement to legalize marijuana growing and sale for personal and commercial use. They claim that marijuana diverts police resources from more serious crimes and officers could be freed up to do other things. They want to tax the marijuana and they claim that marijuana tax money will be in the billons of dollars, enough to save the state from its financial crisis. I am not buying it.

Marijuana is a dangerous gateway drug that should remain illegal. In my opinion we should be going the other way and re-criminalizing marijuana and putting those who use it back in jail like we used to do before we had a huge drug problem. The police know how to prioritize their calls and they don’t do marijuana enforcement and allow other more serious crimes to wait for them to finish. What will really happen is marijuana use will increase and police will be busier than ever having to deal with the increase of crime and traffic collisions that will bring. As for the financial crisis in my lifetime the state has told us that they are going to fix the problem by the use of the lottery, tax increases, special economic zones and nothing has worked and this won’t either.

Once marijuana has been made legal they won’t repeal the law if the money does not flow in. Legalized marijuana will be just like legalized gambling has been tried in so many places. It promises a lot and delivers very little. Have you been around heavy marijuana users? They simply want to lounge around all day and get high on marijuana until they move on to harder drugs. The money that we get from increased tax revenues will be swallowed up by the increase in other crime and accidents that it will bring. Marijuana needs to stay illegal; that’s what the SGT Says.


suz said...

Have you tried substituting the word "alcohol" for "marijuana" in most arguments on the subject? I have, and lately, my viewpoint is starting to change.

It's a subject that needs some serious and rational thought.
(Here's a scary thought: LEAP sent me an unsolicited e-mail today, asking for a donation. They won't get it, because they focus too much on race, which makes the issue even MORE divisive.)

Bob G. said...

Something else that's making the rounds in the USA...a little know (but widely used overseas) plant called KHAT.
Been around for more than a few centuries, too.
I'm doing a post on this tomorrow...

Think of something akin to "organic meth"...

Thing is, I knew about this for ages.

Drugs are drugs when it comes to substances like you mention.

Where do you stop with any form of decriminalization?
Pretty soon, if we allow such nonsense, we'll have misdemeanor DUIs for crack.

Not in MY country!

Good post.

Roll safe

Bunkermeister said...

Alcohol can be consumed without the intent to become impaired. Wine with dinner, beer on a hot day. The only reason to use marijuana is to become impaired. That's a big difference.

Bunkermeister said...

A new drug every year or more often. Khat, bath salts and so on.