Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gasoline Police

With gasoline prices at nearly unprecedented rates there will be more gasoline related crimes. Pump and dash, forcing others to give up their pay pass, credit card or cash to pay for gas at the pump. Credit card fraud at the pump and robberies at gas stations are all likely to increase. Gasoline trucks may be hijacked so that unscrupulous gas stations can buy stolen gas. Watch if gasoline trucks are at truck stops or if they are stopped in unusual places, run the license plate and check on the vehicle and driver.

Extra patrol the gasoline stations in your patrol zone. Drive in and stop. Get out of the patrol car and speak to the person working inside the store. Remind them to call the police to report any criminal activity or even suspicious activity. Since gas stations stay open late, be sure to check all the shifts.

Drive through the gas station and check on those pumping gas. Be aware that gangsters or other criminals may try to intimidate citizens to pay for their gasoline. Watch for that when you are driving through the stations. Look for pan handlers intimidating vulnerable people to give them gas money. High gasoline prices are another opportunity for crime; be aware of the enforcement opportunities; that’s what the SGT Says.

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