Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mumbai at Home

Is your agency ready for a Mumbai type attack; a half dozen or so sites with multiple active shooters at each one? Think about small town America. A shopping mall, a couple elementary schools, a junior high school, a high school, a large office building or factory and city hall with police and fire located there or nearby and a hospital with emergency room.

A dozen active shooters, two each go to all those targets. The first ones hit the police department and city hall. That draws all your officers back towards the station. They carry large caliber semi-automatic rifles and wear suicide vests. Their mission is to draw the field units to the station, kill your command staff and blow up your dispatch center.

The next ones hit the elementary school and each school in turn a few minutes apart. They carry .22 caliber semi-automatic rifles and carry a thousand rounds of ammunition. Their goal is to shoot as many children as possible, even if the wounds are non-fatal. They take hostages to draw out the incident to gain media attention. That ties up all your school police, if any, and creates panic among the parents who will all rush to the school.

They hit your shopping mall and large office buildings but don’t stay long, they move to various targets around the city to keep responding units tied up. Finally they hit your hospital emergency room with a suicide bomber attack. That kills doctors and medical personnel who rushed in to help with the attack.

None of this scenario requires much in the way of planning and coordination. A dozen people willing to die for the cause, a few guns, a couple suicide vests and a couple afternoons doing dry runs and that’s all it takes. Your town could be the next Mumbai, are you ready? You better be; that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

I've thought about such scenarios, and even as a civilian, I can say they are ALL frightening to consider.

It makes me wonder if combined agency task forces (in my city, for example)consider such a "small" part of a much BIGGER picture when they conduct simulations.

We all prepare for the major N-B-C incursions, but do we REALLY consider the "prep-up" for something like you mention?
And if not...WHY not?

Lots to think about here, whether you're a LEO...or not.

Good post.

Roll safe.

Bunkermeister said...

Even when off duty I look for exit signs, watch the crowd, park in a safe place. Being alert is always a good idea.