Friday, March 18, 2011

Safety & Marksmanship

All shooting skill training starts with safety and marksmanship. At least once a year every officer should fire a marksmanship course of fire. Annual marksmanship shooting should be done from various positions, standing, kneeling, one hand, two hand positions from several different distances. Shooting should be done from several distances, as close as a yard and as far as 25 yards. This is an opportunity to determine how well officers can hit a target under good conditions. Once that data is assembled then the rangemaster can determine how to teach the shooter to shoot more accurately.

When out if the fields, in real shootouts, the majority of attacks happen within six feet, but many do happen from greater distances. When doing marksmanship training take full advantage of the distances available on your range and shoot pistol at least out to 25 yards. Good shots can be made out as far as 50 years with the handgun but those should be trained on another day since they require special skills.

Officers should shoot at distances that reflect the different potential scenarios. One yard, three yards, five yards, ten yards, fifteen yards, twenty yards and twenty-five yards are the distances that most officers should shoot from on a marksmanship course every year; or at least similar distances. Shooting at suspects up close, or suspects inside their car during a traffic stop, or suspects as far away as across the street are simulated by shooting at these distances. Marksmanship training, don’t forget the fundamentals, they are the basis for all the rest of the shooting skills; that’s what the SGT Says.

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