Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Social Media

Criminals of many kinds are using social media to determine if there is a criminal opportunity. A teenager posts on MySpace that they are having a party because their parents are out of the house for the evening. So 300 kids show up ready to drink, use drugs and even steal from the house. A kid on Facebook says the whole family is going to visit grandma in another state and they will be gone all month. A burglar reads this and knows he has the time to back up a moving van and take everything from the home including carpets and light bulbs.

A woman brags on a social media site that they have a small business and they do very well financially. She mentions that they will be enjoying some alone time because her husband will be out of town on business. Kidnappers can use that information to plan on capturing a woman alone who has a husband who has the ability to pay a large ransom for her return.

Officers need to be particularly careful to keep their personal information confidential. Tell everyone about your three week vacation when you get back, not before. Keep your address confidential. Don’t let people on social media know that anyone will be home alone. Brief your kids and spouse on the potential dangers and check the sites they use periodically to insure your information is kept safe; that’s what the SGT Says.


SgtSonic said...

Personally, I limit my use of the social media to blogs. I do not utilize facebook, twitter or myspace in order to keep my personal life - personal. Suspects you've arrested can easily find out who your friends or worse, you family are and can get to you that way if they wished. Also, if any inappropriate behavior is alledged, your department can and will subpoena your social media sites. Keep it clean.

Bunkermeister said...

Good plan Sonic. I have heard of some pretty stupid stuff on peoples pages.