Monday, March 14, 2011

Supervisor Gasoline Savings

In these days of tight budgets, how can you reduce fuel expenses, look good in front of the chief and still provide excellent police services and keep the troops happy? There are many strategies you can employ. Start or increase your Segway / T-3 Motion patrol. These vehicles use no gasoline and can be used even by officers with little training and who are not in the best of shape. These are great for urban areas, campus environments and even parks, malls and schools.

Officers with greater skill can perform bike patrol, motorcycle patrol, and horse mounted patrol. They require an investment in time, training and equipment but if fuel becomes scarce, rather than just expensive, they could be lifesavers. Each of these types of patrol provides unique advantages and often brings officers closer to the public. Motorcycle patrol will also bring in greater revenue with the writing of traffic tickets and they are able to get quickly through traffic. Foot patrol was the primary method of police patrol a hundred years ago. It provides an excellent chance to interact with the public.

Advise officers to work traffic at dangerous intersections by sitting at a corner waiting for violators to save fuel. Double up officers in two-officer patrol cars, either for the whole shift or for part of the shift. Taking units out of service will reduce fuel use. Put new guys back with an FTO once a week. Put an old guy with a new guy so they can learn from each other. Have the supervisor ride with an officer to get a first hand look at how the officers perform in the field. Save gas, maybe save your budget and police officer jobs, that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

I agree that a double-up is good to have on the streets.

We USED to have motorcycles patrols in the FWPD, but the "chief" decided to park them permanently and then auctioned them all off.
The chief wanted ALL officers to have computer access, and it wasn't easy to do w/ a cycle.
(big deal...that's what the RADIO is for, and how it was done BEFORE computers)

The cycle-cops were great getting around town...excellent in traffic stops, and could even patrol our river greenways.
It was a real WIN-WIN.

Bet the FWPD chief is thinking he hadn't done that NOW.

Good call.
Roll safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

Motors have limitations but they are worth it even for fairly small agencies.