Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wiki Leaks Cyber War

The Wiki Leaks scandal released tens of thousands of pages of secret documents from the Federal Government has shown the scope of damage that one person can do with a computer. In this case it is alleged that one disgruntled homosexual private soldier gathered this information and gave it to an activist group. What would happen if on disgruntled low level police department employee were to download tens of thousands of documents and released them to a local activist group?

All the personnel records of your department downloaded and shipped off to an anti-police newspaper. How would that go over? All your home addresses and phone number. Your payroll information in the hands of unauthorized persons, to include not only how much you get paid, but your Social Security Number too. Your health coverage information with the names, Social Security Number of you spouse and children all given to the newspaper to publish.

Think about every crime report and confidential informant information in the hands of a hostile on line publication. All the investigation information that your detectives keep on their contacts, witnesses, suspects and victims could be stolen. Published on line where you can’t stop it from being disclosed to gangsters, suspects, criminals and others. How many people would be at risk from criminals if that kind of information were made public? Is your agency doing all it can to keep data out of the hands of unauthorized persons? Do you use 13 character passwords? Do you encrypt your computer systems? Do you screen those who have access to systems? Do you use computer technicians you can trust? Keep your data secure from attack, that’s what the SGT Says.

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