Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big or Small?

What kind of agency do you want to work for, a big one or a small one? Which one is best, well that depends! Large agencies have the advantage of many different assignments. They typically have their own detectives and they usually can handle even the most complex investigations. Large agencies can afford to have SWAT teams. They take a huge investment in equipment and manpower that small agencies can’t support. Large agencies have multiple precinct houses and so you can work different areas with different people.

Small agencies, less then about fifty officers, typically outsource some of their work. They sometimes have detectives but often they don’t investigate all types of crimes, they major crimes, murder, or rape are often referred out to the county sheriff or other agency. Small agencies sometimes only offer patrol services and not much else, so there is no air unit, no SWAT Team. Small agencies work together more than large agencies, sometimes even the chief will go on patrol and handle calls like everyone else.

In a small agency officers often learn all about their cities, their criminals, their citizens because they serve a small population it makes it easier for officers to know everyone. Large agencies provide a large population and so they are often very busy. Small agencies have limited opportunities for advancement; large agencies can seem like a huge bureaucracy. Both types of agencies have advantages and disadvantages, it’s all up to what works best for you; that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

The FWPD has about 440 sets of boots on the ground, but 1/4 of that is personnel that are not readily available to "beat the street" such as the command staff and other ancillry people.

What I find incredible to believe is that in SMALLER cities with SMALLER police forces, problems are addressed BETTER in the smaller venues...(doing more with less), while the same problems HERE are relatively ignored.

I cite the NOISE ordinances and the method of enforcement.
In Elkhart, IN, ONE OFFICER (assigned to noise violations) wrote over 800 tickets, as opposed to our LARGER city (with NO assigned officer for noise) made ONLY 560 for the whole year.

The Elkhart officer ALSO made MORE DRUG BUSTS (related to noise offenses) than those in vice/narcotics.
THAT should be saying something to someone somewhere, right?

Can't seem to get OUR police department to get on the stick with this...
And I've been saying this for YEARS.

Roll safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

Often when agencies get too big, some officers hide and don't do any work if they can avoid it.