Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deputy Dies of Cow Injuries

A deputy in Texas was directing traffic when he was attacked by a cow, and he later died of his injuries. The cow was down in the street and the deputy was directing cars around it, when the cow revived, got up and attacked the deputy from behind. While cows are normally not aggressive, wounded animals can be very dangerous. Other officers managed to get the deputy away and take him to the hospital where he died of his injuries.

This is an excellent example that anything can get you killed, even doing nothing. The officer was simply directing traffic and was killed by a rampaging thousand pound beast that struck him, threw him into the air and kept after him. This is where a couple shotgun slugs to the cow may have stopped the attack, but in the time it takes to deploy the shotgun, the attack was probably over. Even shooting the cow with a handgun may have been enough of a distraction to get the animal off the deputy.

When I have a traffic hazard I try to deploy my car, cones and flares so I can minimize my involvement in the incident. Directing traffic can be dangerous even in normal conditions. Injured animals can also be dangerous, and even seemingly dead animals, like seemingly dead suspects, can come back to life and attack so you need to keep an eye on them; that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

God, I didn;t har about that story...too damn tragic.

But the "back to life" aspect you mentioned makes sense.
I suppose you treat ALL such animals like ZOMBIES...never think they're dead unless you make SURE they're dead.

Stay safe

Bunkermeister said...

Often suspects and animals lay down for a minute and feel better and attack a second time. Their blood pressure goes back up when they lay down and they get their second wind.