Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flashlight Gun

For several years now there has been a flashlight design that doubles as a small carbine. While these have not been commercially manufactured using real guns, this certainly should be a wake up call for those who work in the field. Guns can be hidden in almost anything. Pager gun, cell phone gun, belt buckle gun, cane gun and even now even flashlight gun have all been designed and built by someone.

When confronting people in the field, watch their hands. I generally don’t like people to have anything in their hands. It can be very difficult to determine what someone has in their hands, particularly at night, or from more than a couple feet away.

Tell people who are approaching you to stop. “Stop!” Put up your non-gun hand; palm out to show them you want them to stop. “Drop what’s in your hands to the ground.” If the person has their hands in their pockets then I have them turn and face away from me, then take their hands out of their pockets. Making the suspect face away from me before they take their hands out of their pockets makes it harder for them to draw and fire a gun. Control the hands and you control their guns; that’s what the SGT Says.

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