Friday, April 29, 2011

Officer Charges in Nude Pic

When I went to the academy 30 years ago we were told there were three things that would ruin an officer’s career. Booze, bills and broads; the three deadly B’s. It seems that an officer in Memphis may have forgotten this admonishment. He is alleged to have emailed photos of himself to a fifteen year old girl. Photos of himself not wearing any clothing. When did this seem like a good idea?

The girl is only fifteen years old, why would any adult email photos of himself to any fifteen year old girl? Why would any responsible adult male email nude photos of himself to anyone? Once a digital image gets into cyberspace, it stays there forever and the recipient can send them to anyone else with only the click of a few buttons. How can this officer ever be expected to properly respond to a sex crime, a crime involving young girls, or crimes at a school?

If this is true it shows very poor judgment on the part of the officer. He should resign immediately and never work as a cop again. Depending on any other circumstances he may even need to go to prison, and register forever as a sex offender. I understand that some 15 year olds can look much older than 15 years old. I also understand that the officer was also very young, but if the behavior was something that we would not tolerate in someone who is not a cop, then we can’t tolerate it by a police officer either; that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

SO very right.
Public safety should ALWAYS trumnp's the whole "being held to higher standards" that needs to be "job-one".

Good call.

Stay safe.

Bunkermeister said...

Self control, in a firefight, in a room alone with a little girl. Both are essential.