Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pit Bull Attack

Police academies seldom teach officers how to avoid a dog attack, but they should. Dogs attack and kill people every year in the United States. I love dogs, I own a dog, but I also realize that bad dogs can be very dangerous. Most dogs will attack the first thing they are given to bite into, so use your baton to fend off the dog. If the dog is chomping down on your baton they are not biting your arm or leg. Dogs will bite and then shake the part they have bitten. Shake the baton even when the dog has bitten it so they are less likely to let go of the baton. Almost any barrier can work to fend off a dog; lawn chair, trash can lid, can be held between you and the dog while you back away to safety.

With your other hand you can deploy your OC spray, your Taser or even your handgun. Pepper spray works well against all but the most determined dogs. The Taser works very well against dogs. For most dogs, simply remove the dart cartridge and make a contact hit with the Taser. Most dogs hate the Taser so much that just the noise of the Taser crackling is enough for them to run away in terror.

If you have to shoot a dog, remember that dogs are much smaller than people and are not only harder to hit with a bullet but the bullet may over-penetrate the dog’s body and hit someone else. Dogs can also be very determined and even if they are shot they may continue to bite. Dogs are very fast and so you should never run away from a dog unless you have a long head start and someplace to retreat to; behind a fence or inside the patrol car. Dogs are dangerous, but easily dealt with, if you know how, and stay calm; that’s what the SGT Says.

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