Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sample Questions

Why should you be hired by this agency? This is a great opportunity for you to tell the questioners how good a police officer you will be if they hire you. What have you done to prepare yourself for a position as a police officer? Here is where you tell them about your training, your experience, your research. I put myself through the police academy, I subscribe to several law enforcement publications, I have been on ride-alongs with different agencies, and my present job allows me to perform some of the same skills used by police.

Can you work any shift and any day of the week? Crime is 24/7 and so law enforcement must be there all the time too. You need to be able to work any shift, even if it is not desirable. Consider how you will commute, who will take care of your kids, and how you will share household responsibilities with your spouse if you are working graveyard and weekends for several years.

Will you write a ticket to the mayor, your wife, your mom, another cop, your supervisor? The police must protect and serve the public in a fair and impartial manner. You also have the discretion to write a ticket or not write a ticket as you see fit. The board is looking for your reasoning in writing the ticket or giving a warning to the violator. It’s okay to answer that you would give a warning or write the ticket, but be prepared to explain your answer. Answer their questions with confidence and then stick to your answer unless they change the parameters; that’s what the SGT Says.


Mr. Police Man said...

I'm currently sitting on the Corporal list and one day would love to test for Det. or Sgt. What kind of questions and answers are there?

Bunkermeister said...

I am working on a series to cover that later this month. Know your agencies policies as it will be your job to enforce them. Not just use of force, but attendance, safety, harrassment, and ethics.

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