Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who Are You? Application Preparation

What do you want to get ready before you start looking for a police job? Prepare a resume on your own, you will have to fill out the agency paperwork but it is easier if you have all your data together in one place. Write down the address of every place you have lived since you were eighteen years old. Get the zip code, apartment number, and the phone number. Even if the building has been torn down and replaced, put down the information as it was when you lived there. Get the name and address of every school you went to from high school. Be sure to get the zip code and the phone number.

Write down the name, address of everyplace you ever worked since you were eighteen years old, longer if you are under 25 years old. Make sure you have the name of your supervisor, your job title, your phone number, and the zip code. Make certain you have a short job title and job description and the name of at least two co-workers. Try and pick co-workers that liked you and can give you a good reference. If possible, try to avoid listing the same person more than once or twice on your resume. Have the name, address and phone number of a few people you can use as personal references; they should be people you have known for a long time. A neighbor, family friend, priest or other responsible adult who has known you since you were a child is ideal.

You can find zip codes and phone numbers in the phone book or do a web search for the school or business. Old business cards, tax records, W-2’s, pay stubs and report cards can also be good sources of address and zip codes, particularly for business and addresses that are not there any longer. Some agencies will want financial information too, so gather up your banking data, account numbers for bank accounts, checking accounts and credit cards. Gathering all this information before you apply will make the application process that much easier; that’s what the SGT Says.

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