Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bike Stop

If you stop someone on a motorcycle, how does this vary from a regular car stop? Motorcycles have several differences. The first advantage you as the officer have is that you can see the driver and any passenger better than you can if they were inside a car. There are some problems however. Motorcyclists often wear lots of heavy leather clothing and a helmet. In a fight or even a shootout that can give them a significant advantage. A thick leather jacket can act as armor against baton blows and can clog the hollow points and diminish bullet penetration.

A helmet can be used to disguise the face, can be used to head butt you and will provide protection in a counter-attack. The helmet shield can make pepper spray useless. Even in the hand of the motorcyclist the helmet can be used as a weapon. Motorcycle riders also often wear heavy boots. These boots can deliver strong blows to the lower body and will resist attacks on the feet.

When I stop a motorcyclist I use several techniques. First thing no matter what is to have them turn the motorcycle engine off. One is to keep them on the motorcycle with booth feet on the ground, no kickstand. Most motorcyclists don’t want their motorcycle to fall over. Or remove them from the motorcycle, direct them to the curb and have them take off their helmet and leave it at the motorcycle, then have them sit on the curb. I put them several feet away from the motorcycle, since that is a good place to store weapons. Stopping motorcycles has its own challenges, that’s what the SGT Says.

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