Thursday, May 19, 2011

Explorer Programs

Agencies with Explorer programs need to have good policies in effect to prevent the Explorers from being subjected to abuse by the members of the department that supervise the program. The first thing to do is to select officers who are proper choices to supervise children. They should receive special training on how to recognize abuse and how to prevent abuse and even the appearance of abuse. Contact your local school district for information on how they train their teachers to avoid problems with teachers and child abuse.

There should be strong agency policies that punish officers who participate in sexual relationships with any under age persons, especially Explorers, to include termination and prosecution. The policies in effect should protect both the Explorer and the officers from allegations of abuse. Officers should generally never be alone, in private with an Explorer. They should not be together except on duty, they should not see each other outside of their official duties. The under age Explorers should generally work in pairs so there is little opportunity for them to be abused by an officer.

Officers and Explorers should be encouraged to document and report immediately any inappropriate remarks, touching or inappropriate activity. We need to learn from the agencies that have had Explorer scandals and make sure they don’t happen any more. The safest place for a Police Explorer should be at the police station; that’s what the SGT Says.

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