Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Range

Police range training is often done at a distance of twenty-five yards or less. While it is true that most police shootings happen at less than ten feet, is it also true that most patrol rifle shootouts happen at a range of over thirty-five yards. That means there are a substantial number of suspects that need to be engaged from a great distance away. With handgun shooting seldom being taught beyond 25 yards there is an obvious gap in our training.

Handgun shooting should be done out to fifty yards. Rifle shooting should be trained out to at least one hundred yards, if not two hundred yards. While handgun shooting at long ranges is difficult, it is far from impossible and I have practiced out to as far as a hundred yards with a four inch revolver. That level of shooting requires an outdoor range and the ability to spot each round is very helpful, since the shooter may likely miss the whole target before they develop their skills.

Long range pistol target shooting requires some additional skills to be accurate. Take time to get a good sight picture. Take a moment to super elevate the sights. Then squeeze the trigger. By super elevating the handgun, you take the sight picture, then without changing your sight alignment raise the muzzle of the handgun above the intended target. The rounds will actually rise up and then fall back down to strike the target. Long range pistol shooting, it’s a skill you should have; that’s what the SGT Says.

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