Monday, May 16, 2011

Multiple Suspects

You respond to a bank robbery alarm. As you approach the bank a man carrying a hand gun in his right hand and a money bag in his left hand runs out of the front door. You shoot the suspect and he goes down. As you are concentrating on him a second suspect runs out the same door with a revolver in his hand. Do you notice or are you so focused on the first suspect that the second suspect is able to shoot at you?

You respond to a liquor store robbery in progress. As you approach the front doorway a man wearing a ski mask holding a shotgun exits, you shoot him and he goes down. The get away car driver exits his vehicle and approaches you from behind, do you see him or are you focused on the first suspect?

While making a high risk traffic stop on a vehicle wanted in a drive-by shooting that happened about an hour earlier the driver and three passengers jump out of the four car doors and all of them start shooting at you. Can you take on four suspects at one time and win? Do you train to overcome multiple suspects? Many times when officers are killed in shootouts it’s because there is more than one suspect. Officers need to train to fire at multiple targets both in sequence and at the same time; that’s what the SGT Says.

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