Monday, May 9, 2011


One of your jobs as a supervisor is to keep overtime expenses to a minimum. There are several strategies to save money. First, limit the number of officers who can be on vacation at any give time. Every officer on vacation will cost you overtime to back fill there shift. Spread the time off throughout the year, rather than let everyone take off during the summer.

Monitor the activity of your officers in the field. One way to avoid overtime is to prevent them from waiting to write reports. If officers write reports as the incidents occur they can do the reports throughout their shift. If officers wait to the end of their shift to write reports, they may get busy and so might have to stay overtime to finish their reports. Rather than keep officers overtime to write reports, you can also have them write their reports at the beginning of their next shift, particularly if it is a minor offense and their next shift is the next day.

Talk to your district attorney. Make sure they subpoena only those officers who are likely to testify in a give case. Too often they will subpoena everyone involved in a case and so the agency will incur court time. Talk to your training staff. Try to coordinate training so it can be done on duty, on a slow work day. During the day on a Tuesday or Wednesday is often a good time. Watch the overtime, it’s a sergeants’ job; that’s what the SGT Says.

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