Saturday, May 7, 2011

SGT Testing

Sometime in your career you are likely to want to take an oral exam to get a promotion. Treat it much like getting hired, don’t take anything for granted. Train for it like it is a major event, because that’s exactly what an oral board is, a time to show your knowledge. Get the job description for sergeant and make sure you are as qualified as you can be prior to taking the oral. If you need computer skills, certain classes or experience, then get that or at least sign up for it so you will be ahead of those who don’t have it. When you go to the oral board, be sure to mention your preparation.

They will likely ask you questions about your knowledge of the law; particularly case law, and your knowledge of agency policy and procedure. The second area they will try to explore is your ability to make a decision of the type a supervisor might have to make.

Can you speak on the following topics and provide information that indicates you know how to perform these tasks? If you cannot, you need more training; that's what the SGT Says.



Fleet management

Officer development

What new thing will you do

How will you solve an existing problem

Can you train and develop subordinates

Your goals for the future

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