Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Fights Undefeated

If you work for a slow agency you may have to fight someone once a year to get them into handcuffs. Over your police career that means you will have to fight thirty people and win every fight, to be the undefeated champion of your jurisdiction. You are not just fighting for yourself; you are fighting for your agency and for the community your represent. You have a duty to win every fight. If you lose a fight, that means there is a dangerous criminal on the loose who is willing and able to take on the police and win.

You have a variety of techniques and weapons at your disposal. Most of the time your mere presence as a uniformed officer will cause most crooks to simply give up when they see you. Other crooks will require your firm voice commands before they will submit to your lawful authority. Still others won’t surrender until you use arrest control techniques on them in order to gain control over them.

Key factors are your knowledge of the law, your agency policy on use of force and your skills with your various weapons as well as your willingness to employ them quickly and with enough force. Too often officers are unsure about what to do and they under-react in use of force incidents. Know when to employ pepper spray, the Taser, and baton and use them to protect yourself and others. Proper use of force is part of the job and is needed to win every fight for thirty years; that’s what the SGT Says.

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