Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dead Guards II

The second category of security guards should be the “Patrol Officer.” This guard should have about a third of the training given to police officer. They should have a couple months of training and should be licensed to carry OC spray, baton and firearms. They should wear a police type uniform and always be armed. They should wear body armor when in uniform. These officers should be given concealed weapons permits. They should be carefully screened to insure they have a clear background with updates every couple years.

These officers should perform bouncer duties at bars. They should work at shopping malls and banks. They should be able to detain suspects without an arrest while they conduct an investigation, not unlike police, but only while on duty in uniform on client property. These officers should be expected to confront criminals, shoplifters, or intoxicated people.

This type of job should have a career path not unlike a police officer. They should be paid enough money to earn a decent living and prevent corruption, perhaps two thirds of the average pay for police. There may be some circumstances where they would not carry firearms, such as working in hospitals, but that should be the exception, rather than the norm; that’s what the SGT Says.


ccm2361 said...

Sad to say I did that job for $4 an hour (in 1987)
And that was as an armed Guard & supervisor :-)

Protect_and_Serve said...

Great points but it will never happen due to funding. Every single tax payer contributes to a Cops training and pay. Only a handful of clients pay for Private Security Officers.