Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dead Guards

Private security guards in California are being killed at a rate of greater than one a week. There are several reasons why this is happening and several things to do to prevent it. Guards need to be better trained, better equipped and better armed. They need more authority and more legal protection and better screening. Guards should be divided into three categories. The first should be the “night watchman.”

His duties should be limited to observing and reporting problems. They should not carry any weapons, or handcuffs. They should be strictly non-confrontations. Their job should be to unlock doors, do rounds to look for burned out lights and water leaks. They should have limited contact with the public and should not perform any access control, screening or rule enforcement. Their uniform should not look like a traditional police uniform.

They should have a minimal background check, minimal training and the job should be performed by college students, persons just entering the workforce or retired people. They should not work were alcohol is served. If anything happens they should call someone else, the police, a security guard or fire department to handle the problem. Night Watchmen should not be expected to work in low income housing, bars, banks or other places where they would reasonably be expected to confront criminals, shoplifters, or intoxicated people or anyone who might be dangerous or even threatening. These are valuable services but don’t require much training, experience or screening; that’s what the SGT Says.

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