Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fresno Four

Four officers respond to a woman reporting that her boyfriend was trying to break into her home and threatening to kill her. When the officers arrive the suspect runs away. When he runs they release a police K-9 who bites the suspect and hangs on while the suspect climbs over a fence. The officers shoot the suspect with a bean bag shotgun.

Eventually, they get the suspect arrested and handcuffed. The city later charges the officers with excessive force and two are terminated. Later, the two officers are re-instated with back pay. Years later, the Federal Government accuses the four officers of excessive force and is prosecuting them for civil rights violations of the suspect. The suspect is an illegal alien. Why does an illegal alien get the same protections as a lawful resident of the United States?

Why are officers placed in double jeopardy of having to face internal affairs, local district attorney, and finally the Federal Government? Police work is inherently dangerous and having so many people second guess officers actions, often years later is dangerous to the officers. Officers hesitate to use force when they should and put themselves and other innocent people at risk. The whole civil rights violation issue is too vague and is too often used for political purposes. Police work should be a state issue, not a Federal issue. Officers should not be subjected to that standard; that’s what the SGT Says.

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