Monday, June 20, 2011

Immediate Action

You are shooting and your weapon stovepipes. An empty casing hangs up in the ejection port and prevents the next round from feeding. You can’t fire your gun. What should you do? Drop the magazine. Insert a fresh magazine. Function the slide. Re-engage the target.

Drop the magazine, bad magazines are one of the most frequent causes of firearms malfunctions. If the magazine has gone bad, simply functioning the slide will not solve the problem. Since most police shootings are over in only seconds, then you don’t have much time to get back into the fight before the fight will be concluded without you. Insert a fresh magazine, if the magazine is the problem this should solve the problem.

Function the slide, while having the weapon canted in the direction of the ejection port. That will cause gravity to help pull the loose rounds away from the weapon. Once you have restored the weapon to function, then reengage the target. That means make an assessment as to if you need to shoot again or not. The suspect target may have moved out of sight, the suspect may have surrendered, left or otherwise no longer be a threat. Your training should include both shoot and don’t shoot after clearing the malfunction; that’s what the SGT Says.

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