Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking for Burglars

When responding to a burglar alarm you need to look for the burglar before you get to the location. Note vehicles that are leaving the location, particularly late at night when there is little traffic on the road. An audible burglar alarm will typically scare off the burglar and sometimes you can see them leaving. Check vehicles near the location, particularly if they are occupied, sometimes the burglar will have a look out or a get away driver. Also check out unoccupied vehicles, warm vehicles on a cold night can indicate the burglars’ car.

As you near the location, turn out your headlights, and park a short distance away. Approach the location on foot and verify the address. Keep your radio turned down low and try to avoid using your flashlight. Start at the front door, it’s often both a point of entry and a point of exit. Look for marks at the lock and hinges that could indicate pry marks. Check as much of the perimeter as you can, checking each door and window.

When inspecting windows, look for pry marks and look at the dust on the window sill. If the dust in undisturbed, maybe no one entered the location by that window. Check for spider webs, intact spider webs are a good indication that no one has entered that way. Look at the ground, a pair of fresh muddy footprints could mean someone has been there recently. When you find a closed door, try the doorknob and push on the door. Move slowly and stop to listen, sometimes you can hear people inside the building. Burglary response involves more than just wandering around the building with your flashlight; that’s what the SGT Says.

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