Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michigan Officer Killed

An officer in Michigan was killed by a suspect that soon afterwards, killed himself. Frequently I read in news accounts that a suspect will murder an officer and then often moments later, kill themselves. This is a phenomenon that is deserving of more study. There could be common elements among these suspects that cause them to kill themselves after they murder an officer that could help us to intervene and save two lives.

Of course, my primary concern is for the officer. There may be techniques relating to suicide prevention that could help us to confront the suicidal cop killer that could prevent him from murdering a police officer. Perhaps the suspect could be convinced to surrender prior to killing the police officer. Perhaps there are danger cues we can be trained to recognize that could provide new tactics to deal with the murder / suicide criminal.

Research into the behavior of criminals can provide use with new tools to make the job safer. If we recognize the patterns in behavior we can then modify our behavior to make our jobs safer. Just as we recognize patterns in behavior to detect drunk drivers, or terrorists, we may be able to determine who is planning a murder / suicide and take the proper action; that’s what the SGT Says.

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