Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shooting in the Dark

The trigger finger should be indexed along the frame of the handgun or rifle. The trigger finger can be held parallel to the barrel of the firearm. By holding the firearm in this method the officer can aim his firearm simply by pointing his trigger finger. The use of the sights when firing the duty weapon is the best technique, but it is not the only technique for aiming the weapon.

The first choice for aiming is the careful use of the front and rear sights. Certainly this is the most accurate method of using iron sights. The second choice is the quick look at the front sight only. The front sight only is a good technique when there is little time to get a complete sight picture. Sometimes it can be too dark or there can be too little time to observe either sight. That does not mean that the officer cannot aim his firearm.

By indexing the trigger finger to the barrel, simply pointing the trigger finger in the direction of the target, the barrel is therefore also facing the target. Of the three techniques this method is the least accurate, but it is the most intuitive and the fasted method. This method also works in complete darkness or if the officer is blinded by blood, sweat, or pepper spray. In training classes, I have officers index their fingers to the barrel and have them close their eyes and fire at the target from distances of three yards. After a very little practice some can fire almost as accurately as with their sights at short distances; that’s what the SGT Says.

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