Monday, June 27, 2011

TV & Movies & Drugs

How many people in show business have died early deaths as a result of their use of illegal drugs? How often do we read about actors who have in their contract that they will be supplied with illegal drugs? How frequently do we see actors on television or in movies using illegal drugs or talking about their drug use? How many times so we hear about some major celebrity is going into rehabilitation for drug abuse?

Why is it that the movie and television industries continue to have problems with drug abuse? This has been a major problem since at least the 1920’s, all the way back to the silent era of motion pictures. This is a national disgrace for both the entertainment industry and law enforcement. Both of these institutions need to make some major improvements in drug enforcement. Too many of our nations role models are drug users. Too many Hollywood stars are dying every year from drug related causes.

First, every production company should have a firm statement of a drug free workplace. They should not hire anyone who does not first test clean of illegal drugs and they should have random drug testing, testing anytime there is a work injury. Failure of a drug test should result in the immediate cancellation of any and all contracts and termination. Local law enforcement in Los Angeles should form an entertainment industry task force to infiltrate production companies, clubs, bars and other places were entertainment people work or play. The task force should gather information on drug use and sales and after a reasonable amount of time passes, they should raid those locations and arrest all those who use or sell illegal drugs. It is a disgrace to allow this same problem to continue unabated for eighty years; that’s what the SGT Says.

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