Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Woman Shot Cop After Pursuit

Police chase a woman in her car. At the conclusion of the pursuit the woman shoots an officer. A police pursuit is a very dangerous event. The first and obvious danger is the pursuit itself. Driving while dividing your attention between the suspect vehicle, radio traffic and trying to maneuver your police car is inherently dangerous. Pursuits also often mean high speeds as well, which gives you less time to juggle all these activities.

Once the suspect vehicle stops the danger continues. The suspect only has a few choices, stop and run, stop and attack, stop and give up, or stop and stay in the car. If the suspect stops and runs, then the pursuit is on again, just on foot. Foot pursuits hold their own dangers. Suspects can lead you into a place where they can ambush you. A televised vehicle pursuit can alert the suspect’s friends to prepare places for the suspect to hide and for them to ambush you too.

If the suspect gives up you still need to search them carefully and perform a search on their car. A second or third suspect may be hiding in the vehicle, even in the trunk and may have remained hidden until you approach the vehicle. If the suspect stays in the vehicle, don’t rush the car. Wait it out like a barricaded suspect inside a building. You must be ready in case the suspect attacks you once they stop the car. A sudden attack by the suspect is the most dangerous way to end a pursuit and is more common that most officers think. It is very fast and you must react quickly; that’s what the SGT Says.

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