Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bombs Away

Drano can be made into a bomb with only the addition of a few household items. These bombs are mixed in a soft drink plastic bottle and once mixed up will explode in about 30 seconds. They are similar to bombs made with dry ice. While they are unlikely to do much damage or injury they could if they were set off in the right place of if someone were handling them as they exploded.

Getting a call of Drano bombs is unlikely to result in officer injury unless you arrive almost immediately or if the suspect is still actively setting them up when you arrive. They are quick and easy to make so it is possible they could be there when you investigate. The important thing to note is the person placing the device will be close by when they explode due to the short time it takes for the chemical reaction.

This means as you approach you need to be especially aware of people leaving or near the scene who may be involved in the incident. High school or college age males would be typical suspects; playing a prank or simply engaging in risky behavior are typical of the type of suspect that may use this type of bomb. Certainly anyone with Drano and aluminum foil without much of an explanation would be suspicious of this type of activity; that’s what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

About 10 years ago, we had a bottle bomb tossed on our lawn.

When it went off (at night) it sounded like a damn water heater exploded!

I looked out the windows and didn't see anyone at the time.

The next morning I went out for found a Pepsi bottle that was torn down the side, and some residual tin foil.

I notified the FWPD about this, and handled the pieces with rubber gloves, placing them in a plastic bag and waited for the police to investigate it.
No one ever has, to this day...amazing.

I STILL have it wrapped up in the basement.

And yes, I can manufacture lots of fun things with "everyday" have to know what to look for by knowing what makes such things up.
That is how you can tell the difference between a "one-pot" and a bottle bomb...both can harm if detonated.
THAT is ALSO how you keep things like this from happening...knowledge is power.

Good post.

Roll safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

You might want to dispose of it next spring cleaning, I don't think they are coming!

Bob G. said...

We just had our 2nd Drano bomb in the city this year (last year, we had 11) a city PARK, no less...where kids were on a summer camp's the link to the story:

Not the "best" way to dispose of it (they damaged the bridge)...just the ONLY one.

ROll safe

Bunkermeister said...

The saga continues...