Friday, July 1, 2011

Dead Guards III

The third category of guards should be plain clothes guards. They should have at least a year experience working as a “Patrol Officer” and then with additional training they should be allowed to work in plain clothing. They should be able to work at high profile events or as shoplifting prevention in plain clothing to enhance their ability to blend in with the public. They should have the ability to detain suspects, not unlike the police, while on duty.

They should receive pay and benefits that are slightly higher than a “Patrol Officer.” They should carry identification not unlike a plain clothing police detective. These guards should be highly trained and carefully screened with updates every few years.

Guards often get killed because they are working unarmed when they should be armed. They get killed because they are not well trained and don’t recognize danger when it confronts them, so they get killed. They don’t know how to de-escalate situations and often instead antagonize suspects. They don’t wear body armor and so if they get shot they die from wounds that would have been non-fatal if they were wearing armor. Too many guards are dying preventable deaths; that’s what the SGT Says.

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