Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hands Kill

If looks could kill, you would be dead but looks don’t kill, the hands kill. That means you have to watch the hands of the suspects. More than just seeing the hands you need to see the palms of the hands. Suspects can draw and fire a gun quickly and so you not only need to see the hands you need to control the hands.

Give the suspects commands to make sure you can see their hands. I like to have them face away from me if they have their hands in their pockets, before I tell them to remove their hands from their pockets. Give commands from behind cover if possible. Give commands and then move after you have spoken so the suspect who can’t see you will be less certain of your location.

Suspects lying on the ground should have their hands where you can see them. A suspect can roll and draw a weapon with lighting speed and it’s not too difficult to shoot from the ground. This is a good reason to give commands from cover. Don’t approach a suspect with his hands under his body; it’s very easy for them to be concealing a weapon; that’s what the SGT Says.

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