Monday, August 15, 2011

Active Shooter

A man went on a shooting spree and killed seven innocent people. Active shooter incidents happen more frequently than we often realize. Officers need to be ready to respond to these types of incidents without having to wait for a SWAT team. Active shooter incidents are over in minutes, often the first responders will be too late, certainly waiting an hour or more for a SWAT call out can be too much time.

Everyone on patrol should have either a shotgun or patrol rifle. Every car should have both weapons inside. Officers should be encouraged to deploy these weapons without having to justify their deployment. Officers should be well trained enough that they feel confident with bot the shotgun and patrol rifle so they will be willing to deploy them.

Training should be frequent and officers should practice team tactics as well as individual marksmanship. Shift supervisors should perform active roll call training a couple times a year. Just a few minutes putting everyone into a diamond formation and walking down a hallway and clearing a room. You don't even need to use weapons, just hold your hands out without weapons to get the feel of the formation and the room clearing. Prepare for the active shooter, that's what the SGT Says.

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