Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A suspect jumped a counter in a booking area and attacked an officer. When dealing with prisoners it’s all about the control. Control their hands, control their ability to move, control where they go and what they do. The best control is done by the architecture of the jail structure. Suspects are limited by doors controlled from a central location and they can’t move more than a few feet without having to have another door opened.

In this instance there were several problems. The officer was wearing a gun in a jail environment; usually this is not a good idea. Officers should check their weapons when entering a jail facility. The facility had a counter that could be jumped. Counters should have glass or wire screens to prevent prisoner from moving outside the booking area.

Prisoners in booking areas can be handcuffed even shackled with waist chains and ankle restraints. Dangerous criminals do not become less dangerous simply because they are in jail or being booked. Jail cameras need to be monitored at all times so if an attack happens, then the monitor can send help. Jails can be dangerous places; don’t let your guard down just because the suspect is in custody; that’s what the SGT Says.

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