Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Lawman

One of the greatest lawmen of the Old West was Elfego Baca. He stood off a group of perhaps as man as eighty cowboys who were attempting to kill him Sheriff Baca was holed up in a small building and used the lower floor to help him stand off the attackers. The gunfight lasted for three days. During that time Sheriff Baca killed as many as four attackers and wounded as many as eight others. The attackers never hit him. Eventually there was a truce called and the incident ended. Perhaps as many as 4,000 rounds were fired at Sheriff Baca.

Are you ready for a shootout alone, against 80 suspects? Can you fend off attackers who fire 4,000 rounds at you? Can you shoot twelve armed suspects with no injury to yourself? Could you hold out for three days, alone in a gun battle?

This is the legendary heritage that we as American law enforcement have inherited. While this was an extraordinary event and it is unlikely to happen again, officers are often faced with large numbers of suspects or at least unruly crowds and have to deal with the situation. Sometimes back up can be a long way away both in distance and in time. Your skill, courage and determination will often be what determine the issue, not the odds against you. Are you a legendary officer? There may be a day when you need to be; that’s what the SGT Says.

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