Saturday, August 20, 2011


Motorcyclist Dies On Ride Protesting Helmet Law In New York

A man riding on a motorcycle was not wearing a helmet because he was part of a protest against mandatory helmet laws. He was in a minor accident, fell off his motorcycle and was killed with a head wound. In California it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Even riding a bicycle can be dangerous without a helmet as the head bounced against asphalt will usually leave much greater damage to the head then to the roadway.

While I think wearing a helmet is an excellent idea when riding a bicycle or motorcycle and especially for children, I am not all that convinced that is should be a legal requirement for adults. As grown-ups we voluntarily participate in many dangerous activities. Just driving around even in a car or big SUV is inherently dangerous. I am not sure that enough people are saved by motorcycle helmets every year to make it into a law. At the very least they should have a few roads you can drive on that are helmet free zones, maybe winding mountain roads where you will be killed even with the helmet when you drive off a cliff.

As officers we are sworn to uphold the law. That means we are expect to enforce the laws without our personal regard for the necessity of the law. Part of being a professional is performing our tasks in a dispassionate manner. We can enjoy our jobs, we can love our jobs, but we have to do our job, even the parts we are not so enthusiastic about; that’s what the SG T Says.


FlyTrap50 said...

If you are dumb enough to ride without a helmet, that is your choice. I have, in Arizona, ridden without a helmet. Stupid, but I should be allowed to be stupid. But then again, I have a pretty dangerous job too. =)

Bob G. said...

Knew of a guy in Philly that DID have a helmet on, and a speeder struck him on Roosevelt Blvd, and killed him anyway.
His head was traumatized by the impact against the helmet...end of story.

Even the best intended devices can fail, usually at the worst time.

As adults, we SHOULD have a choice, though.

I feel the same about seatbelts.
Don't like to use them, but we HAVE to...

If my car bursts into flames for whatever reason, the last thing I want to screw with is getting unharnassed from the damn vehicle.

But I grew up WITHOUT having to wear them...and we all seemed to survive.

Roll safe.

Protect_and_Serve said...

The problem with the "it's my body" theory, is that I (all tax payers) have to pay your million dollar medical bills to keep you on life support.

Bunkermeister said...

No man is an island, we all pay for the mistakes of the few, or their children do. A motorcycle is dangerous and some T/C's are just not survivable no matter what you do.