Thursday, August 4, 2011

M-16 Series Patrol Rifle

Consider the patrol rifle as a large handgun. It makes the rifle concept an easy transition because the skills you have practiced for years with the handgun can then carry over to the rifle. First the grip on the rifle should be like the grip on the handgun. The web of the hand should be high up on the pistol grip just as it is on the handgun.

The right hand holds the handgun and the left hand performs most of the other work of reloading, charging and removing magazines. This is also true with the rifle. Nearly always hold the rifle in the right hand and keep the right hand on the pistol grip. The index finger should be alongside the rifle frame just as it is on the pistol frame; until you are ready to fire. Manipulate the safety with the right hand thumb, without crossing over to the right side of the frame.

The trigger finger can be used to depress the magazine release, but the left hand should remove the magazine, obtain a fresh magazine, and insert and seat the fresh magazine. The left hand should also operate the charging handle, all from the left side of the rifle. Pull the charging handle back with the left index finger, all the way back until it pulls away from your hand and slams forward. This allows the right hand to stay in position and you can stay on target easier. Practice these motions slowly and perfectly. Practice them enough and you will become fast. Smooth motion, with repetition will build speed. The patrol rifle is an excellent weapon and every uniformed patrol officer should have one and be proficient with it; that’s what the SGT Says.

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