Monday, August 29, 2011

New Technology For Police


Long wars often drive new technologies. As police we need to assess these technologies and consider their ability to assist us with our jobs. In Afghanistan soldiers were using an off the shelf toy remote control truck to patrol ahead of the soldiers. The tiny truck tripped a big bomb and exploded without any of the soldiers being killed.

Police in America respond to bomb threats every day. Hundreds of real bombs either explode or are deactivated every year. These soldiers used an off the shelf commercially available remote control truck toy to drive ahead of them and activate any IEDs, bombs or mines they might come into contact with on patrol. If you get a bomb threat having a simple, cheap “robot” might come in handy. A toy like this can sell for as little as a few hundred dollars and add a cheap remote camera and you can have a very sophisticated tool to make robots available for every officer.

Imagine putting one of these in the trunk of every supervisor. One robot for every ten or twenty officers would not be unreasonable. The price per officer is only a few bucks. In a SWAT call out or even looking for a suspect hiding in yard, officers could deploy this remote control car and look for the suspect without having to endangering themselves. Law enforcement needs to stay informed about new weapons, new computers, new robotics, new identify verification systems that are in use by the military and adapt those that work for us into the law enforcement system; that’s what the SGT Says.

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