Saturday, August 6, 2011

Retired and Packing

Officers who honorably leave their agency should be granted concealed weapons permits. The agency should require a periodic qualification, annually or at least every three years is enough. Skills decline and laws change and so the qualification should include a legal update. Agencies should keep retired officers with CCWs on a mailing list and send them regular, perhaps quarterly, updates on the law as relates to use of force.

Officers who retire and maintain a CCW may want to consider training with their handguns on their own time. The agency should permit them to use agency facilities and even ammunition as part of their retirement benefits if possible. Officers who are retired can be a valuable resource for the community. They have the instincts and training of police and those will stay with the retired officer for many years after they are no longer on the job.

Retired officers will still face suspects who think they are still police. They will face people they arrested who perhaps want to attack the officer in retaliation against him. The officer will recognize criminals and may need to intervene to stop a crime or save someone. There are many reasons to permit retired officers to keep carrying after they leave the agency; and it’s the right thing to do; that’s what the SGT Says.

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