Friday, August 12, 2011

See Yourself

Sometimes when a police department is having problems it’s not a bad idea to have an outside source look at the agency and provide recommendations. The recommendations should be advisory only and the final decision to make changes should be in the hands of the chief, city council and mayor.

An outside source can bring fresh eyes to old problems. The outside source should be permitted to speak to anyone and review files. They should look at the lawsuits filed against the department by citizens, and employees as well as workers compensation claims, vehicle fleet management, jail operations, training, promotions, hiring, discipline, firing, use of force and the ratio of management, and supervision to officers and legal compliance.

Some agencies can become insulated from the outside and may fall behind in the implementation of best practices. Sometimes the day to day operations can hinder the long term planning needed to keep a department up to date. An outside audit and review is not a magic bullet but it can often serve to provide some new ideas and help departments to move forward, that’s what the SGT Says.

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