Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shooting the Patrol Rifle

Think of the patrol rifle as a big pistol. A right handed shooter using an M-16 series rifle can perform most of the rifle functions much like they do their duty handgun. Hold the pistol grip with the right hand. Place the right index finger along the rifle frame, with the tip just below the magazine release. The ammunition magazine can be placed into the magazine well using the left hand, like with the handgun.

Insert the magazine, tap the bottom of the magazine one time and give it a gentle tug to insure it is fully seated. To charge the rifle, bring up the left hand to the charging handle. Consider the charging handle to be like the slide on the handgun. Press the index finger near the base and push the charging handle to the rear. Allow the charging handle to escape from your hand and snap forward. Don’t ride the charging handle forward. If the bolt does not go all the way forward, simply use the right thumb to press on the forward assist to push the bolt closed. Move your left hand to the forward grip.

Once the weapon is charged and you are intending to shoot, using the thumb on your right hand, push the safety to the ‘fire’ position. As you bring up the rifle onto the target and have made the decision to shoot, put your finger on the trigger. Squeeze the trigger just as you would with the handgun. Most officers will fire the rifle much more accurately over greater distances than they can fire the handgun. The patrol rifle is an excellent tool that can deliver rounds accurately, over great distances, with more rounds in the magazine compared to the handgun. Agencies need to deploy the patrol rifle for most situations where deadly force may be appropriate; that’s what the SGT Says.

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