Friday, August 19, 2011

Terror Potential

A man boarded a plane without identification and flew on the plane. This is not supposed to happen, but it did occur. We implement systems but our enemies and criminals will try and find ways around those systems. As law enforcement officers it is our duty to be alert to those who would try and circumvent our systems and try to use them to their criminal or terrorist advantage.

It is up to use to recognize what is normal. It is the absence of normal that often alerts us to the presence of the abnormal and it is the criminal and the terrorist who is abnormal. While not every strange thing, circumstance or person we encounter is a criminal or terrorist, it is often that strangeness that can alert us to the evil we must stop. A suspicious circumstance if often all we have to go upon when we approach people.

Being able to articulate what is normal can help us determine what is abnormal and what is suspicious. People carry backpacks to school and to bus terminals. People don’t usually carry backpacks into classical music concerts with their tuxedo. That backpack could contain snacks, a change of clothing or a bomb. Investigate the unusual and determine if it is okay or criminal, that’s what the SGT Says.

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