Monday, August 8, 2011


An officer from Buena Park police has died in training. Like the young South Pasadena Officer who died in training recently, he just died. Neither of them were killed as a result of the training. Police training can be very dangerous. It is up to use to make sure we conduct training in a safe fashion.

Before training begins, all emergency procedures should be in place. Phone contact to the local EMS. First aid gear ready in event of an emergency. Evacuation routes prepared. Assign staff and even students to special tasks in the event of an emergency. Have shade, water, and other materials ready to keep students from becoming overheated or too cold.

The students are in training so that they can survive on the streets, as trainers it is our obligation to do our best to make sure they don't die on the training field. I think training should be realistic and hard, but not unduly dangerous. Handling loaded firearms and driving high speed cars as well as using chemical weapons, and batons have great potential for injury. Take care of your students so they can survive to get to the streets; that's what the SGT Says.

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