Sunday, September 11, 2011


The tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States is in early September. Since then there have been record heat related deaths, huge floods over much of the nation, riots and flash mobs attacking people for no reason, drought and earthquakes here in the United States, and wars continue as well. Terrorist attack attempts and active shooters continue to plague our nation.

As an officer we need to be able to respond to all of these events, often with little or no advance preparation. If you had to stay at work for a week during one of these incidents, do you have the supplies in your personal gear bag to sustain you? If you had to walk home from work, could you get there? If you had to leave your family for a week to go to work, could they survive a disaster without you? Do you have a plan for the wife, the kids, and the dog?

We get bottled water delivered at home, once a month. I keep a months’ supply back so we can survive with a minimum one month supply of drinking water. When we shop at the grocery store, we always pick up an extra can or two or even a small case of food so we over time build up a month supply of the same foods we always eat. Many people buy special foods for emergencies but I think it is best to eat the same foods, it will prevent too much of a shock to your digestive system if you change your diet too much. You don’t have to spend a fortune to stock up on supplies. Just buy a little extra of what you normally buy when you go shopping. Over time, in only a few months you can build up at least a month’s supply of food, clothing, batteries and other goods. Preparation prevents a disaster from becoming a catastrophe; that’s what the SGT Says.

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