Monday, September 19, 2011

Active Shooter Evacuation

If an active shooter incident is on going and there are already a large number of officers dealing with the shooter, there is plenty of work left for other officers. One task is to assist the paramedics with the wounded. Medical teams are often, understandably, reluctant to rescue victims in active shooter incidents. Officers can escort them and provide protection for them as they locate and stabilize the injured and evacuate them.

The key to this is to set of a response location where the responding medical personnel can both treat patients who can come to them and where they can link up with responding police. Once they link up the teams of officers and medics can enter the scene with the officers providing security. These officers should be in addition to those searching for the active shooter.

If the active shooter is in a stationary location and is continuing to cover the area where the wounded are located, then other measures need to be taken. Officers can use covering fire to keep the suspects head down while the wounded are rescued. Armored vehicles and ballistic shields are very helpful in these circumstances. The main issue here is we don’t want to have more people shot while recovering the wounded, that’s what the SGT Says.

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